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How can we help?

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How can we help? How can we help?

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A Few Core Capabilities

A quick look at what DVG specializes in….

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Software Development

We build people first solutions

Effective software development is a mixture of art and science. It is creating a simple, intuitive design and implementing it using best-of-breed technologies and processes. We specialize in building mission-critical solutions that enable organizations to leverage technology to improve their business.

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Reporting & Data Analytics

Turning information into insights

We start by analyzing your data in order to understand your business. We structure it in a standard way and develop analytical dashboards and reports that empower your organization by providing the right information to the right people at the right time.

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Locating your data

Using esri technology, DVG can enable your organization to analyze your data geospatially. See how location data can add additional insights into your organization.

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UI/UX Design

It's all about usability!

Who are my users? What are their needs? Values? Challenges? How can I design an interface that improves their lives? This is user experience design.

How will my users use the application? How can I make what they do simpler, easier, more intuitive? This is user interface design.


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[ UI/UX Design]
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Web & Mobile Development

Making applications that work

We build custom web-based and mobile apps that are focused on specific business processes. Our apps are built based on your requirements to meet your unique needs.

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Why DVG?

Let’s us show you our approach.

Our Process

How we make it happen


Listen & Learn

This is the key initial discovery phase where we look, listen and learn your needs, objectives and user base to better understand what the most successful approach would be.

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[ Think & Strategize]

Think & Strategize

Next, we begin internal brainstorming process, where we flush out "the big idea." Working closely together as a collaborative team, DVG develops the macro view of your solution.

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[ Design & Create]

Design & Create

This is the phase where we hit the pixels and bring your project to life. From wireframing to prototyping to stunning UI, we work closely with the client to make sure each phase of design is exactly what they're looking for.

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[ Develop & Test]

Develop & Test

After all usability and design is flushed out, we use the latest technology to make sure your product functions flawlessly on all digital platforms.

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[ Deploy & Support]

Deploy & Support

Once all development and testing is complete, we launch your product with continued support to make sure the finished product is meeting all your expectations and business needs.

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