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At DVG, we offer our customers complete solutions…from design and implementation to training and support. We solve problems!

Does your branding convey what you are as a company? Let us bring your brand message into the 21st century!

Our approach to brand strategy and brand building is to focus on the human element. We focus on your customer’s overall perception of your business. Here’s how:

Listen to clients

  • We don’t pretend to be experts in everything and no one knows your business like you do.

We ask the right questions

  • By focusing not only on your key strengths but also addressing your real or perceived weaknesses.

Look into all aspects of your business

  • Your brand is part of everything you do. From your online presence to your customer service, everything matters.

We learn all we can about your demographic

  • By focusing on who buys your product or services, we can understand their needs more clearly.

DVG created a brand identity for a major law enforcement organization portal that would serve as a rich data web-based search engine. We worked in parallel creating the brand identity as well as the user experience of the portal. We focused on making the brand work with the established brand of the organization as well as having a more modern and open feel that would look professional and accessible for all users accessing the portal.