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Do you feel you are not reaching your productivity potential? Take your business to the next level by leveraging the cloud.

DVG can migrate one or more of your business processes to the cloud using Microsoft’s cloud solutions.

Companies are compelled to lower expenses and do more with the resources they have at their disposal. The cloud offers many ways to maximize resources and lower costs. DVG can help leverage your resources more effectively by moving your infrastructure or your applications to the cloud. Utilizing Microsoft’s cloud solutions such as Azure, Office365, PowerBI or Dynamics365, DVG can help you cut through the confusion to develop a cloud-first strategy.

Enterprise Search

DVG was presented with the opportunity to migrate the search content for an organization to the cloud to reduce the cost of procuring and maintaining a large IT infrastructure. The enterprise had over a billion documents that needed to be indexed for search spread across hundreds of servers.

DVG leveraged its experience with Microsoft Azure to architect and configure an environment to support the requirements of the customer. DVG used tools to estimate the cost savings and presented a migration plan to the customer prior to moving forward in order to ensure the customer realized the value in their investment. DVG also presented the customer a proposed plan to leverage the infrastructure that was no longer going to be used as Development and UAT environments.

The search environment was successfully set up using Microsoft Azure and all documents where migrated a made available to users 24 hours a day.