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At DVG, we offer our customers complete solutions…from design and implementation to training and support. We solve problems!

Need a common operating platform to provide Situational Awareness? DVG has worked with some of the largest cities in the country doing just that.

DVG has deep industry expertise in public safety, working with some of the largest agencies in the country. We realize that not all agencies are alike, but we draw on many years experience to tailor solutions to fit the agencies’ needs.

We start by asking questions and listening to the client. What are your needs, wants and challenges? What data do you have? What data do you need? We gather as much information as we can, then put together a proposed solution which we believe will exceed your expectations.

Once a proposed solution is agreed to, we will present an implementation plan and cost estimate. We believe strongly in standing by our estimates, so if we say we can do it, we will.

Public Safety agencies collect a variety of data from an ever-growing list of sources. The problem most agencies face is no longer in collecting data, but in understanding how to integrate it in order to build solutions which provide valuable insights. Agencies have integrated new technologies such as ShotSpotter, license plate reader cameras, body cameras, video cameras and chemical, biological and radiological sensors. Agencies have data from their operational systems, such as a Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system or a Records Management System (RMS). In addition, agencies have unstructured data, such as investigative notes, or narrative descriptions, like those in incident, arrest or 911 records.

How do you bring this all together into a common platform which can be used across your organization? How do you leverage your investments in technology to improve officer safety, facilitate investigations, and promote situational awareness?

DVG is one of the only companies who has the talent, experience and proven track record to implement a complex situational awareness solution. We have worked with departments of various sizes, including the largest department in the United States, to implement a situational awareness solution. We have also worked with other city agencies and large organizations with a focus on understanding their resources and how best to deploy them.
At the foundation of any situational awareness system is a database that is properly designed, properly structured, GIS-enabled, tuned, and highly available. The design of such a database is crucial, and must incorporate all of the types of data that the system will integrate.

The business rules engine for mining and correlating the data is the next essential piece of the system. The business rules depend greatly on the the mission of the organization and its requirements for the system. A rules engine that is highly available with the scalability to grow with the organization and the flexibility be modified as business needs change is imperative.

Next, a modern, simple and intuitive user interface is needed to bring all of the components together into a “single pane of glass” for the organization. This step can sometimes be the most difficult to master and requires experience in designing complex applications for the broadest user base.

DVG has the experience you need to build the system you require to stay on top of your organization’s goals.