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DVG develops intuitive web and mobile applications that solve specific business problems. We believe developing a successful solution is not about technology, but about customer service.


DVG was founded in 2002 as a New Jersey registered small business. It was in the early days that DVG became focused on building technology solutions that blended artistic design with best-of-breed technology.  DVG’s experience was rooted in data-driven solutions that combined database design, reporting, analytics and custom application development. In 2003, DVG had the opportunity to work with one of the largest police departments in the country by designing the first ever Real Time Crime Center. This experience led DVG to work other major law enforcement agencies around the country, as well as other city agencies.  DVG established itself as one of the leading firms with the experience of building complicated solutions in large, challenging organizations. DVG continues to deliver mission-critical solutions to major public safety organizations.

DVG’s focus is on its core strengths: designing and developing customer-centric solutions that solve business problems. These solutions include GIS implementations leveraging esri, reporting and analytic solutions utilizing Cognos or PowerBI and custom mobile and desktop applications. Whatever the solution, DVG strives to develop long-term relationships and always put the customer’s needs first.