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At DVG, we offer our customers complete solutions…from design and implementation to training and support. We solve problems!

Need a more effective intranet site for your organization? Let’s create a way for your employees to engage with your business more effectively.

Our approach to building intranet sites focuses on simplicity and organizing content in a way that maximizes usability. Here’s what we do:

Talk to the users

  • Conduct focus groups and one-on-one meetings.

Write down what they say

  • Document everything. Keep what’s needed, remove everything else.

Design and prototype

  • Keep it simple. Every control has a purpose.

Build it in stages

  • Get it into the users’ hands early and often.

Train and support

  • Train the users. Be there to support them.

DVG was presented with the request to design and develop an intranet site for a major city agency. The site needed to provide the ability for an employee to find HR materials, as well as access all internal applications. Each division of the agency needed to have their own page with the ability to upload content. The customer required the site to integrate feeds from social media sites, as well as contain a portal for recent news.

DVG chose to implement the solution using Microsoft SharePoint. Our design team met with the client to design each of the pages with usability in mind while ensuring that the design could be implemented within the SharePoint framework. In addition, a workflow process based on Nintex was implemented to meet the needs of the client. The design team created prototypes of the solution to demonstrate the navigation and page flow in order to give the customer a better feel for the solution. A schedule was published to the customer so that proper expectations could be set in terms of the deliverables. Once approved, the design was implemented by the development team using an agile approach.