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At DVG, we offer our customers complete solutions…from design and implementation to training and support. We solve problems!

Is usability important to you? Well it should be because…It’s all about user experience!

Our approach to usability is simple, we focus on the human element. How do humans interact with products and what makes the experience intriguing and intuitive? Here is our process:

Ask the right questions

  • We dig deep into the mind of the user to understand what they need.

Discover the strategy

  • Figuring where to start is key. We don’t want to waste time, so we make sure all user case scenarios are accounted for.

Wireframe and prototype

  • Prototypes ensure the user can interact through visual cues easily with little to no instruction.

Test, test and test

  • We make sure the usability is perfect by putting it in test subject’s hands before release.

DVG designed a task management mobile application for a major law enforcement organization that would be used throughout the metropolitan area by thousands of users. The application had to be as simple to use as possible without sacrificing functionality. The user base of this app had important work to do and the goal of the application was to make that work easier and faster, not to create any unnecessary tasks. We created two intuitive faces of the app, the first where users could create and interact with their tasks, and a second where individuals and groups could share progress on given tasks while working together seamlessly.

DVG first documented and analyzed the use cases to ensure they had a full understanding of the scope of the application. Then DVG designed high-level wireframe mockups for the application to ensure the application flow and functionality was clearly defined, an important step to ensure all functionality is covered. Then DVG developed a clickable prototype which the customer could test with a small group of users to ensure the application functioned as expected. The clickable prototype had pixel-perfect mockups to ensure the customer got the exact look and feel of the application. Once the customer approved the design and user experience, DVG developed the application.